Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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Search Engine Marketing refers to a variety of techniques and strategies a company can use to generate more visitor traffic from Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) to a website. The goal of SEM is to promote a website’s visibility using paid search, contextual advertising, and organic search rankings.


A scanning electron microscope (SEM) scans a focused electron beam over a surface to create an image. The electrons in the beam interact with the sample, producing various signals that can be used to obtain information about the surface topography and composition.

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing

In today’s increasingly competitive digital world, search engines have become an indispensable utility across industries and institutions, including digital marketing, healthcare, and eCommerce. Search engines are customer service tools that allow online users to locate diverse information on the internet, including news, blog posts and brand offerings, and make informed decisions. Additionally, they serve as a powerful marketing platform for industry players to expand their online reach and increase brand awareness.

DigiFloggin’s Search Engine Marketing Agency explains the significance of search engines in SEM and how your business can use them to speed up your customers’ buying process. We will help you learn more about search engine advertising and improve your marketing effectiveness in no time!



Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising.

Search engines use algorithms to rank SEM ads and determine their search relevance. Paid Search Engine Marketing is all about creating the right search engine marketing strategy, bidding on high-value keywords and continuously improving your search advertising tactics based on analytics results to lower your ad spending and improve profitability.

DigiFloggin follows a systematic approach to search advertising:

  • A Logical Account Structure

DigiFloggin helps you organize your search ads account in a logical way that allows you to optimize different types of ads and ad sets separately.

  • Smart Keyword Research

Search advertising starts with keywords. DigiFloggin ensures to bid on the right keywords so that your ads appear in front of the most interested audiences.

  • Creative, Relevant Search Ads

To earn a good Quality Score, DigiFloggin writes ads that are relevant to your keywords and to searchers needs.

  • Cost-Saving Targeting Strategies

Your budget isn’t unlimited, DigiFloggin emphasizes to contain costs by defining who will see your ads, and when. This can be accomplished through tactics like geotargeting (showing search ads only in specific locations) and dayparting (only showing ads during business hours).

  • Ongoing Optimization

You can’t run an effective search campaign on autopilot. DigiFloggin checks on regular intervals and performs routine optimizations for the best results.